College Application Essay: The Inspiration of Adventure

It’s that time of year again: in the next few weeks, colleges will start sending out acceptance letters. It’s been over two years since I received mine from Boston University, and to celebrate, here is the essay I submitted with my application. I’m a huge fan of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series (and I highly recommend it), so I wrote my essay as a character within the story.

The Inspiration of Adventure

Where is the line between reality and fiction? Nowhere. Fiction is simply the facts and ideas that we strive to reach, or try to avoid, and constantly fail because we don’t believe. You may ask me to prove each fictional story to be truth; I ask you to prove them all wrong. The adventures we read are closer to a real experience than you may think, and the inspiration of an exhilarating journey is powerful; if you choose to believe.

The secret to making the adventure reality is not through a secret door or magic spell. It is done through the simple reading of a book. Those words are not just telling you a story about adventure and mishaps, they are dragging you in one letter at a time through the portal of a page. Just last year, I stepped through that portal to Mid-World created by Stephen King, but crafted into reality on the path to the Dark Tower. Nothing is as simple as reading words and knowing what happened, you have to be there. And I was.

The first step was a desert, as the world was moving on, the universe in great danger. The following sequence of events was terrifying, yet thrilling. I found myself on the bank of a river, attacked by monstrosities, discovering doors on the beach and a world of mystery. Occasionally, I found myself imagining I was really home, but obviously this wasn’t possible; I was traveling to End-World the whole time. Enemies were defeated and my friends were killed, and how could this be fiction? It felt so real. Then came the glorious moment as I reached the Dark Tower, the center of the universe, and climbed to the top; one stair at a time, remembering my journey and how I came this far. Then, the final destination: the door at the highest level, one turn of a handle, a step through the passage.

And I was home. Despite the power of words, they can only take you so far, to the end of the story. With that journey complete, I decided it has become time to start my own. Fortunately, an exciting journey doesn’t necessarily consist of traveling thousands of miles, stepping through magic doors, and climbing towers to save the universe. A true adventure can be anything you want, and right now, my journey is to my future. Although high school brought about plenty of unique experiences, the next step is huge: college. The life of classes, dorms, a new city to explore, a huge gain in independence, and limitless possibilities. Nothing you read in a book, no matter how amazing the journey within, can truly prepare you for the real world. College is a crucial step to a successful future, and I can’t wait to tackle the challenge in my own adventure, inspired by incredible journeys.


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