Twitter v. Instagram

First it was Apple and Google. Now it’s Twitter and Instagram (in part because of its recent acquisition by Facebook). As these companies feud, they don’t just hurt each other; the users are the ones who have to suffer from a cut of features.

Once Facebook bought Instagram, Twitter made one of the first steps, turning off a feature allowing Instagram users to easily find their contacts from Twitter, making it easy to work between the two apps. Instagram fought back; in the past week, it decided to stop showing its photos within tweets, requiring users to click the link and load an Instagram page off of Twitter’s site.

While removing the above features has been an unfortunate inconvenience for users, there are also some new features that are helping the two compete.

Just a few days after Instagram cut support, Twitter suddenly released a new update allowing users to more easily post photos directly through its mobile app, including one-click filters; one of the biggest features Instagram is known for. A few weeks ago, Instagram added its own new feature, web-based profiles, which finally brought attention to Instagram as an option for desktop use.

When tech companies start a feud, they fight with the only thing they can: the users. They cut features to hurt each other, and then try to gain leverage with competitive new features with the hope of gaining more users on their “side.” Who, if anyone, is going to win this fight is still a big question. In the meantime, however, it’s the users who will suffer from inconvenience due to lack of compatibility.


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