Social Media is the Future

We’ve all heard negative comments as to why many people avoid getting involved with social media. While Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites are incredibly popular, many people haven’t followed suit. Which, of course, is fine; it’s obviously not required. Being a huge fan and advocate of social media myself, I may be biased, but I have to ask; why would you choose to stay out of such a revolutionary movement?

I’ve already covered the advantages of social media from a business perspective. There are thousands of reasons for it, and I will continue to discuss them. For now, however, I want to take a quick look at the other side: social media in personal use. These are, of course, connected; businesses have no reason to be in social media if their consumer base isn’t there with them. But without even considering businesses, social media on a personal level is a benefit.

Let’s start with Facebook. Think of the features. Get invited to easily organized events, view and share pictures with all of your friends, and the slightly more controversial aspect of posting status updates for friends and family to read. Life becomes much simpler and easier to manage when you had such a convenient way of coordinating with the people in your life. Sure, it can be abused. And it very often is. But that does not at all make Facebook a bad thing. Those who abuse it give the service a bad image; inappropriate and irrelevant status updates, pictures that no one wants to see, and spam are all harsh side effects of immaturity, not flawed technology.

As the title of those post says, social media is the future; it’s where our social life is going. Not to the extreme, as people will obviously always still socialize in person, but staying in touch through social media keeps friends in the loop, helps everyone share information with those who they care about, and keeps individuals knowledgeable about the world.

Knowledge is where Twitter comes in. A Twitter feed is essentially small tidbits of news about individuals, celebrities, and businesses. Don’t let the fact that your twelve year old cousin insists on using it to awkwardly talk to her middle school friends distract you from Twitter’s actual use of keeping users informed. You can choose who you want to follow. You compile a list of the people, places, and businesses you care most about and receive a customized feed of what is going on with them. And to make it better, the information comes straight from the source. Get news straight from your favorite band, actor, director, politician, and whoever else you like.

However, back to the topic at hand: the future. It’s a mystery. But as trends emerge and things change, life is going digital. Everything is on the Internet. Just because you have a Facebook or a Twitter account doesn’t mean you’re breaking down your social life and putting your whole life online. You’re simply staying connected. Even if you manage to find some disadvantages, they’re vastly outweighed by the advantages. Learn what’s going on in the world. Talk to your friends and share pictures to and from all around the world. You aren’t losing your social life; you’re upgrading it.


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