Pandora Review

After growing tired of the songs on my iPod, I decided recently that it’s finally time to give Pandora a try. It sounded interesting: a free radio streaming service, customized play lists, and very few ads. I must say, after just a few days, it has lived up to the hype I have heard from many friends.

Of course, my first station started with Lady Gaga. I was impressed already by the first song to pop up: a great “Just Dance” remix I had never heard before. I’ve been surprisingly pleased with many of the remixes; normally I don’t like them. Especially entertaining are the Glee versions of some great songs that I haven’t heard (as I am typing this, their “Thriller” cover just came on). After adding some other artists such as Katy Perry, Adele, and Ke$ha into the mix, Pandora has given me a pretty entertaining Pop/Dance station. While some of its suggestions have received a quick thumbs-down (I still don’t know why it insists I must like rap), I have found some great music, both older and new, that I wouldn’t have thought to listen to.

No matter how well Pandora does its job of giving me good music, I was annoyed having to keep it open on my laptop, slowing me down while playing video games. Definitely not wanting to minimize a full-screen application every time I want to skip or thumbs-up/down a song, I was very happy to find that they have a well-designed free iPhone application. Just as easy as playing songs through iTunes, and it’s free.

Overall I’ve been quite happy with Pandora, even though it has only been a few days. Presumably the music choices will only get better as my play lists learn what I like. I would definitely recommend Pandora to anyone interested in discovering new music and looking for a great customized radio experience.


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